Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Intro to On Loan From God For 24 Hours



 Copyright ©2019 Suzie Tyler

 Everyone wants a telephone line to Heaven. If one were available, we could talk with our loved ones who have left this earth. I wanted 30 more minutes with the love of my life. A few nights ago, I dreamed that Odis was talking to a men’s group comparing the military soldier to that of the warrior as a Christian. I was in another part of the church, helping with the music, and when I finished, I walked down to where I knew he was speaking. He was in a green army uniform with lace-up boots. The meeting was over, and I grabbed hold of his arm and walked up a long concrete ramp holding on to him. The dream seemed very real to me. For a moment, I thought he must not have died, and I only imagined it. As we reached the top of the ramp, I woke up.”

His death was so sudden I always wished I could have had a few more hours with him or had a little warning. After that dream, thoughts ran through my mind of what I would do if I could have 24 hours more with him. As I birthed the story in my heart, I jumped up and ran to the computer and wrote as fast as I could because I did not want to leave out a thing. This short story is a result of that dream.



Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Great Pandemic

 Think about how shutdowns and masks have affected our lives!?!

First, with a mask, you can't see a person's face, so you won't be able to spread good cheer with a simple smile! It's difficult to breathe, so you stay home and don't socialize. With no interaction, you don't grow spiritually, intellectually, or emotionally! We do not encourage families to see each other and no hugging. Physiologically, we need to touch, to feel loved!  No family, no hugging, no emotions, no togetherness! Hmm, that sounds robotic to me!  Who is behind this?  Oh yes, we can blame it on the China virus, the politicians, but ultimately it comes from the one who wants to destroy our world and is the enemy of our soul!  

Guess what, we need to fight the one who is the root cause! Do it by making yourself strong in the Lord! Fill your heart and inner being with God's Word and His Love!  True joy and peace, as David tells us, is found in a relationship with God. Psalms 4:3.

Friday, January 1, 2021

I am too blessed to be depressed Too anointed to be disappointed

  May 19, 1973, began a second chance love journey for Odis Tyler and me. Our earthly chapter as lovers closed unexpectedly on June 9, 2015. It was not a path I ever expected to take and was prepared to go together in the rapture with him. As I continue to follow God and trust Him to fulfill His Plan, I have focused on why God left me to carry on alone.

Writing my story has been therapy, and I see our journey as an example of our love for God and each other. My research has helped me understand how God orchestrated time and events to provide a perfect love as we went against all the crazy odds. The story reunited our former love and created a pathway that brought four children to the table and exposed them to a relationship of loving parents, a teaching of the love of God, and opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Ten months after we married, a little Suzie was born and was the biggest surprise of all but the most joyful. Each child was educated either formally or with life experiences. As a single working mother, I wasn’t comfortable stepping into the role of a stay at home mom to 3 stepsons. My love for Odis gave me the desire to accept that challenge. Odis’ goal was to love and take care of me and provide an abundant life for me as long as he lived. He provided a nice retirement for when he would no longer be here to take care of me.

I love spending time with my daughter, Diane, and granddaughter, Molly. In August, I will welcome my first great-granddaughter, Maddie, as Molly has her first child. (Yay, another pageant girl) I fly to New York for business and to see our daughter Karmyn. I enjoy visiting with my inherited boy’s families in Shreveport and Hot Springs and shopping for shoes. I stay involved in pageants judging and interview coaching. I love playing the piano and keeping up with friends on Facebook.

I recently took a trip back to Conroe, Texas, for the first time in 40 years. I visited our old house on Madeley Street, now a parking lot for the Catholic Church, and my old apartment at Caesar’s Palace. It looked the same except they had filled in the swimming pool. I visited the shopping center where JoAnn had her shop “What’s Happenin,” the old A/G church, and the old Weisinger Buckalew dealership, both on Frasier Street.

Progress continues, and the church now has a big new church on the interstate. W/B is now Buckalew Chevrolet and a state-of-the-art dealership on I-45. Conroe has grown from 12,000 to near 100,000 population. My friend and former co-worker Sandra Collette and I visited with our former boss, Don Buckalew, in his 80s and still working. Later, I saw my former pastor, Alvin Eaton, who just turned 90 and still working. Must be something in the water. Sandra and I don’t give our age.

While visiting with Buckalew, he said, “You girls could come back to work for me.” We looked at each other and then at him and said, “Uh, No. We are retired.”

Time has marched on for Conroe, as it did for Odis and me. In August 2017, Sandra had a stroke and died a few weeks later. She had the opportunity to read my book and was in awe at the love Odis had for me. She told me, “Sue, he really loved you. I’m so glad you found love.” I treasure my visit with her.

From a fantasy world of Elizabeth Taylor to my actual world of life with Odis Tyler, I have lived an incredible fairytale love story that most people only dream about.

Why God allowed me to have the life I lived, I don’t know, but I feel special. He gave me a beautiful love to experience, and I treasure the hundreds of love letters Odis left for me to remember his true, pure love!

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Texarkana Baby

Book Clip
From:  The Suzie Plan
Copyright ©2016 Suzie Tyler

Odis teased me that I was his ‘Texarkana Baby’ and his precious thing that had him twisted around his  little finger like a piece of string but ‘gave him lots of sugar’! don't know about the next line “If she hauled off and slapped me, I would never feel the sting cause she’s my Texarkana baby.”  I never tried it.   I never asked him if the diamond he was going to offer me was “with one installment pay”.  I can’t say I’m a ‘genuine’ Texarkana Baby because “My pappy came from Arkansas and my  maw from Louisiana.” But, I am a real “Texarkana Arkansas” native!  And after all, Texarkana is where I met the love of my life.  Playing a vital part in my love story made Lake Texarkana and the Texarkana Gazette a special place in my heart!

Texarkana Baby was recorded by Eddy Arnold and in 1949 was one of the first 45 RPM records issued by RCA Records.
“She’s my Texarkana baby do I love her Lowdy Law,
Her pappy came from Texas her maw from Arkansaw
I’m twisted round her finger like a little piece of string
And yet I’m satisfied because she’s such a precious thing
She gives me lots of sugar and she never spills a grain,
If she hauled off and slapped me I would never feel the sting, She’s my Texarkana Baby!
One night I went a callin’ on my pretty little maid,
I must admit to you I was a little bit afraid.
To offer her a diamond ring with one installment pay.
She’s got two eyes that twinkle like a good ol’ country star
She’s got a perfect figure that’ll stop you where you are,
Why every time I look at her I think of my guitar, She’s my Texarkana Baby!

After a fifteen year separation, God’s ink pen is rewriting the lives of a boy and a girl who are now adults.  He allowed them to miraculously find each other without personal computers, cell phones or a ‘Google’ app ….

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Knowledge is power and Godly knowledge is powerful!

 If there was a way couples could figure out each other's personality before they married, there would be fewer divorces! 

My first husband had to have people around him to make him feel secure. Not just any people, but party people! 

I, on the other hand, was raised in the church and loved church people! Even though I had strayed from it in my teen years, as I got older I drew back to those friends as I realized my life priorities and reclaimed my heritage!  
Our marriage had two people who needed two types of people to fit our personalities, and they did not blend! His upbringing was not a teaching of commitment to marriage, mine was!  If we could have had this insight early in our relationship, we would have gone our separate ways before making a family! 

Not sure how we could implement this or if young people would accept it, but it could avoid a lot of heartache and broken families! 

One positive way is to be mature enough to know, really know the person you are marrying. There is a difference between love and lust! Some young couples get lucky, and it works, but too many times, it doesn't!  

After my divorce, I prayed for a Christian husband! It was my biggest priority. Not knowing that my first genuine love had been divorced for 3 years, I sought him out! Unusual events reunited us, and we had the same priorities and needed the same type of friendships  

After unfortunate marriages, our experiences had taught us to pray about our relationship. We knew we had an actual love for each other and not lust!

Knowledge is power and Godly knowledge is powerful!  
Read my story in AGAINST ALL ODDS, We Found The Perfect Love available Valentine Day 2020!

Miracle after Miracle!

 I have several friends experiencing the holidays alone because of divorce.  It is difficult, and having experienced both the worst. Let me encourage you, "there is life after divorce." The key is "trusting God!"

That is easy to say now that I'm on the other side, but walking through it was not!  It encourages me, though, that if He brought me through that, He could bring me through this! If He did it for me, He would do it for you! 

Miracle after Miracle!

Here is a clip from my book, and I hope it will encourage you to lean not to your own understanding but trust God in ALL things!  

"This is not the first time I have been alone. The first time was by choice. It was self-preservation. This time it was decided for me, and I wasn't ready!   I trust God's plan, and so happy that I was deeply loved for 42 plus years and secretly loved for an additional 15 years! The difference now is I have in my heart many, many memories, and a once in a lifetime love by the love of my life!   It gave me a second chance!!   I grabbed it, and it was special!

A few days ago, I told a friend that loss by divorce is more difficult than loss by death because in divorce; you are hurt, angry, confused, and insecure. My loss by death is filled with a heart full of memories of security and intimate love that was so special and so deep that I can live on it for the rest of my life.....  Oh, how I miss him, but I know that he loved me more than life, and no one can ever take that from me!

We don't always make great choices, but God uses them to bring us close to Him.  If Odis and I had married the first time, we might not have been as dedicated to God.  I loved Odis Tyler from the moment I laid eyes on him in 1958 when I was 15 years old.  The experiences we had during those intervening 15 years helped mold us and make us who we are!   I appreciated a Christian loving man I could trust, and he loved his Godly Proverb woman!  As I read the hundreds of letters and cards he sent me during our "miles apart courtship," I realize how hopelessly devoted and how deeply he loved and adored me, and I could have missed that.  He gave me love that most people only get to dream about, and it will last me a lifetime! 
I love him and miss him.  He loved me and took great care of me in life and in death!  I will have his love and God's love to sustain me until Jesus comes or death!  I wish everyone could experience the "Perfect Agape Love" he gave me! "

Saturday, November 14, 2020

God gives us talents

When I was born, God gave me an amazing ability (talent) to play the piano by ear.  My parents did not see the need to give me lessons at age 8 because I could play anything I wanted to and was playing in church at age 9.   I wanted to play things I had not heard so I searched for more ways to do that and started cultivating the talent that God had given me.  

Through the years, God has brought some amazing people into my life including Sharon Eaton Stevens who helped me with my ear training, and other teachers like Esther Mills Wood who taught me the theory of music and included my daughter, Karmyn Tyler.  One thing I have learned through my "years of experience" is that the "status quo"  does not satisfy talented people, and they are always searching for more that makes their outstanding talent greater.

Matthew 25:14-30

When God gives us talents, He expects, no He demands,  us to cultivate and polish that talent to achieve the final result.

Parable of the talent's summary is:  Those who bury it and pay no attention find its value diminishes the longer they ignore it. Even what little they have will be taken from them.

And so the principle is “Use it or Lose it”

My Mother’s Advice


My mother used to say,

"Never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes"

If you have never gone through a divorce, been a stepmother, lost a child, lost a spouse, lost your job, lost a close pet, lost everything in a fire, been in a car accident, and had any host of other issues don't say "He/She should do this or that." You do not know what you would do in a situation if you've not walked there before, and even then, every case is different.

The next time you want to say, "If I was ......, I'd do ..... " Stop and keep quiet and don't show your ignorance.

You don't know what you would do until it happens to you. We should grow with every experience.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Where Is Love?

Natural births can be conceived in true love or a duty love, but God conceived us spiritually in Agape Love!  We need to go forth and act like the Love that conceived us spiritually!!

A child knows genuine love!  You may fool adults, but kids have a sixth sense and can recognize love!  

In my book AGAINST ALL ODDS, We Found The Perfect Love ©2020; I wrote about surface love, loving superficially or what you can do for me love, and Agape Love, a love that gives sacrificially wanting nothing in return!   

I married while still in high school, with a selfish love, and was a spoiled, self-centered, immature teen!  I can't blame my ex-husband 100% for the failure of our marriage! Well, maybe 90%. Just kidding.  My mother had a saying, "It takes two to make a marriage, and it takes two to break it!"  

I have an analytical brain and thru 5 years of research and looking back over my life; I have learned a lot about myself!  I really did not know about Agape love until I married my husband, Odis that I loved in high school! Thru a series of events, we became separated at 15 and 18 and did not rediscover that love until 15 years later!  

Then, at 30 snd 33, we had both experienced terrible marriages, and neither one had genuine love in them! We also had matured and life's experiences had taught us to appreciate love with a different view!  

Odis loved deep and when we found each other again, he gave me true Agape love like Jesus loves!  I don't think I fully recognized the depth of it until after he passed away and I re-read his love letters.  Reading them forty years before, I was in an emotionally distressed mental state as a 30-year-old, but they took on a different meaning at 70, after experiencing over 40-years of love with him!

I thank God that He sent me a man who loved me in the natural as God loved me in the spirit! Odis taught me the art of expressing love when I'm not sure I loved myself!  He gave me all his love, wanting nothing in return! 

When we dated, he told me "I don't want to marry you to take of my boys! I want to love you, protect you, and take care of you forever! All I want in return is your love and faithfulness! 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Why I Am ProLife

 When Odis and I met the second time, I found out his mom had a baby that only lived 24 hours!  At 30, I didn't realize how that would affect me in my 70s. Rereading his letters, the story of him being thrown from a horse at 8 or 9 years old, and being in a coma for several days, gave me now mature understanding insight I didn't have earlier! 

Hearing him relate how the doctor said he could do nothing more for him and how he just woke up with his dad sitting on his bed, holding him and rocking him. The first thing he saw was his mom verbally praying for him, and God gave this mom the miracle she was asking to receive! At the time, I wrote him back that there was nothing more precious than a mom praying for her child!  That miracle was beneficial for me 25 years later! 

Losing a child no matter how far along the pregnancy is heartbreaking for a mom. The child she lost was a genuine person!  He was Odis' brother who never made his mark on the world, and his mom only knew him thru her heart! 

I guess remembering this and my earlier thinking incest or rape gave the okay to abort a child, but now I look at it differently! 

After Odis took me to the scriptures, I realized, even then, it was still taking a life and changed my thinking. Now I want to honor him and have become a self-appointed voice for the unborn, so now you know the "Rest of the Story!! 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Military Tribute to a Great Soldier, Christian, Father, Great Grandfather, and Husband!

 Odis' birthday is in a week! I met him after his Army days but was very proud of his service to our country! As an Army Veteran, they honored him with a military funeral! Thank you to our grandson, Seth Tyler for videoing this. I was pretty out of it so it's a significant memory to have and look back on now!

A Special life for a Unique girl!

 Don't you love those questions "How many states have you lived in?"

I have only lived in two states in my lifetime! Arkansas and Texas which wasn't hard since I was born in Texarkana, the city that is Twice as Nice and in both states! A Stateline divides the town and if you are driving north, you are in Arkansas but if you are going south, you are in Texas!
I remember when Karmyn was at Miss America, they thought she was a state jumper because she had competed in Miss Texas and the next year Miss Arkansas. Then her third year she won Miss Louisiana!!

As Miss Texarkana, you first competed in Texas, the next year in Arkansas and had a two-year commitment! The third-year she was attending Centenary in Shreveport and eligible to compete in Miss Louisiana and did for scholarship money! It was unusual and not sure if it had ever happened before!

Hey, she was special. God had to move Heaven and Earth to get her here!!
You can read the details in my autobiography, AGAINST ALL ODDS, We Found The Perfect Love

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

#Apocalypse and Mark of the Beast

Apocalypse and Mark of the Beast

Among the most searched words on google and search engines are apocalypse and Mark of the Beast! It seems to be the most interesting subject on social media! 

I agree the rapture will precede the mark of the beast because it was the way my daddy believed! However, I am aware there are others who believe mid-trib and post-trib! I’ve heard their argument but don’t agree! I believe the world is being conditioned to accept the mark and it started in the sixties when Six Flags began stamping your hand with an invisible mark visible only under ultraviolet light! We have a tendency to associate a stamp on the hand with entertaining or something good. 

So, when it comes a time when the mark of the beast becomes available to the world, they will be like little zombies and put out their hand.  Here I am, I’ll go first! Those raised with that mentality and left behind will think nothing of putting their hand out to take a mark unless they know the truth! My sister told her boys if left behind, DO NOT take the mark!!

Help us, Lord, to get the message out!!

#Apocalypse, #MarkoftheBeast, #Revelation, #Rapture