Saturday, November 14, 2020

God gives us talents

When I was born, God gave me an amazing ability (talent) to play the piano by ear.  My parents did not see the need to give me lessons at age 8 because I could play anything I wanted to and was playing in church at age 9.   I wanted to play things I had not heard so I searched for more ways to do that and started cultivating the talent that God had given me.  

Through the years, God has brought some amazing people into my life including Sharon Eaton Stevens who helped me with my ear training and other teachers like Esther Mills Wood who taught me the theory of music and including my daughter, Karmyn Tyler.  One thing I have learned through my "years of experience" is that the "status quo"  does not satisfy talented people with and they are always searching for more that makes their outstanding talent greater.

Matthew 25:14-30

When God gives us talents, He expects, no He demands,  us to cultivate it, use it and polish it to the final result.

Parable of the talent's summary is:  Those who bury it and pay no attention find its value diminishes the longer they ignore it. Even what little they have will be taken from them.

And so the principle is “Use it or Lose it”

My Mother’s Advice


My mother used to say,

"Never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes"

If you have never gone through a divorce, been a stepmother, lost a child, lost a spouse, lost your job, lost a close pet, lost everything in a fire, been in a car accident, and had any host of other issues don't say "He/She should do this or that." You do not know what you would do in a situation if you've not walked there before, and even then, every case is different.

The next time you want to say, "If I was ......, I'd do ..... " Stop and keep quiet and don't show your ignorance.

You don't know what you would do until it happens to you. We should grow with every experience.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Where Is Love?

Natural births can be conceived in true love or a duty love, but God conceived us spiritually in Agape Love!  We need to go forth and act like the Love that conceived us spiritually!!

A child knows genuine love!  You may fool adults, but kids have a sixth sense and can recognize love!  

In my book AGAINST ALL ODDS, We Found The Perfect Love ©2020; I wrote about surface love, loving superficially or what you can do for me love, and Agape Love, a love that gives sacrificially wanting nothing in return!   

I married while still in high school, with a selfish love, and was a spoiled, self-centered, immature teen!  I can't blame my ex-husband 100% for the failure of our marriage! Well, maybe 90%. Just kidding.  My mother had a saying, "It takes two to make a marriage, and it takes two to break it!"  

I have an analytical brain and thru 5 years of research and looking back over my life; I have learned a lot about myself!  I really did not know about Agape love until I married my husband, Odis that I loved in high school! Thru a series of events, we became separated at 15 and 18 and did not rediscover that love until 15 years later!  

Then, at 30 snd 33, we had both experienced terrible marriages, and neither one had genuine love in them! We also had matured and life's experiences had taught us to appreciate love with a different view!  

Odis loved deep and when we found each other again, he gave me true Agape love like Jesus loves!  I don't think I fully recognized the depth of it until after he passed away and I re-read his love letters.  Reading them forty years before, I was in an emotionally distressed mental state as a 30-year-old, but they took on a different meaning at 70, after experiencing over 40-years of love with him!

I thank God that He sent me a man who loved me in the natural as God loved me in the spirit! Odis taught me the art of expressing love when I'm not sure I loved myself!  He gave me all his love, wanting nothing in return! 

When we dated, he told me "I don't want to marry you to take of my boys! I want to love you, protect you, and take care of you forever! All I want in return is your love and faithfulness! 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Why I Am ProLife

 When Odis and I met the second time, I found out his mom had a baby that only lived 24 hours!  At 30, I didn't realize how that would affect me in my 70s. Rereading his letters, the story of him being thrown from a horse at 8 or 9 years old, and being in a coma for several days, gave me now mature understanding insight I didn't have earlier! 

Hearing him relate how the doctor said he could do nothing more for him and how he just woke up with his dad sitting on his bed, holding him and rocking him. The first thing he saw was his mom verbally praying for him, and God gave this mom the miracle she was asking to receive! At the time, I wrote him back that there was nothing more precious than a mom praying for her child!  That miracle was beneficial for me 25 years later! 

Losing a child no matter how far along the pregnancy is heartbreaking for a mom. The child she lost was a genuine person!  He was Odis' brother who never made his mark on the world, and his mom only knew him thru her heart! 

I guess remembering this and my earlier thinking incest or rape gave the okay to abort a child, but now I look at it differently! 

After Odis took me to the scriptures, I realized, even then, it was still taking a life and changed my thinking. Now I want to honor him and have become a self-appointed voice for the unborn, so now you know the "Rest of the Story!! 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Military Tribute to a Great Soldier, Christian, Father, Great Grandfather, and Husband!

 Odis' birthday is in a week! I met him after his Army days but was very proud of his service to our country! As an Army Veteran, they honored him with a military funeral! Thank you to our grandson, Seth Tyler for videoing this. I was pretty out of it so it's a significant memory to have and look back on now!

A Special life for a Unique girl!

 Don't you love those questions "How many states have you lived in?"

I have only lived in two states in my lifetime! Arkansas and Texas which wasn't hard since I was born in Texarkana, the city that is Twice as Nice and in both states! A Stateline divides the town and if you are driving north, you are in Arkansas but if you are going south, you are in Texas!
I remember when Karmyn was at Miss America, they thought she was a state jumper because she had competed in Miss Texas and the next year Miss Arkansas. Then her third year she won Miss Louisiana!!

As Miss Texarkana, you first competed in Texas, the next year in Arkansas and had a two-year commitment! The third-year she was attending Centenary in Shreveport and eligible to compete in Miss Louisiana and did for scholarship money! It was unusual and not sure if it had ever happened before!

Hey, she was special. God had to move Heaven and Earth to get her here!!
You can read the details in my autobiography, AGAINST ALL ODDS, We Found The Perfect Love

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

#Apocalypse and Mark of the Beast

Apocalypse and Mark of the Beast

Among the most searched words on google and search engines are apocalypse and Mark of the Beast! It seems to be the most interesting subject on social media! 

I agree the rapture will precede the mark of the beast because it was the way my daddy believed! However, I am aware there are others who believe mid-trib and post-trib! I’ve heard their argument but don’t agree! I believe the world is being conditioned to accept the mark and it started in the sixties when Six Flags began stamping your hand with an invisible mark visible only under ultraviolet light! We have a tendency to associate a stamp on the hand with entertaining or something good. 

So, when it comes a time when the mark of the beast becomes available to the world, they will be like little zombies and put out their hand.  Here I am, I’ll go first! Those raised with that mentality and left behind will think nothing of putting their hand out to take a mark unless they know the truth! My sister told her boys if left behind, DO NOT take the mark!!

Help us, Lord, to get the message out!!

#Apocalypse, #MarkoftheBeast, #Revelation, #Rapture  

Sunday, August 30, 2020


Today, everybody is podcasting. But in 2004, it was a beginning phenomenon and my first experience with the term! 

My daughter, Karmyn, had recorded an album, and we premiered it at the historic Texarkana  Perot Theater in November!  I was looking for outlets to promote it and stumbled on the early podcast of Adam Curry, the PodFather, as they called him! I didn't know about having the right to play music, so I submitted the song Summertime from the album! As I listened to his show, he played her song and, at the conclusion, said, "Who is this girl?"  Well, I was elated. 

Karmyn was walking down the hall and heard his voice and said, "That's Adam Curry!"  I said, "How do you know him!"  She told me he was a VJ on MTV.  I didn't know what a VJ was but more interested in her knowing about MTV because it was off-limits to watch in our household!  The show played wild rock music that I didn't allow her to listen to!  Wow! What kids do when they are away from you. LOL. I had been hearing his podcast for several weeks, so when I found out who he was, I thought, "He is a nice guy, so it is okay!"

When I discovered that he really shouldn't have played her song because it was a cover tune, I thought, "Oops." Podcasts could only play original music!  Something to do with royalties, I found out! We became friends, and he encouraged me to have Karmyn write her own music and thus was born the song Drifting!   


When Karmyn was living in L.A., they held a podcasting convention in Ontario, California. We attended and I met a lot of the podcasters who were podcasting at that time. Karmyn has maintained her friendship with Adam and is a faithful listener to his podcast, No Agenda. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Childhood Memories

It's funny how we are creatures of habit from our moms!  My mother always changed linens and did laundry on Mondays, so what did I do today? Yep, changed linens, and did laundry!
Thank goodness I have an automatic washer and dryer!  She had a Maytag wringer washer and we hung the clothes to dry! 
Copyright ©2020 Suzie Tyler

Big Brother is Watching You

According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, the FBI does not have to get search warrants looking for national security matters because of an executive order by Ronald Reagan 13222 and because of the language in the USA Freedom Act, the successor to the FISA law, NSA now can capture in real-time the digital copies of everybody's phone calls cell and landline, everybody's keystrokes, mobile device and all digital information going over fiber-optics into the US or out of the US. NSA works for the President! He can order a transcribed copy of that!
Hello, Big Brother!
Now, don't you be gossiping about me!

My 'Extra' Experience

I have always been a 'behind the scenes' person. I did not want to be out front in anything, even when I played the piano. I was a "fade into the background" person. When Karmyn got in to the entertainment business as an actress and singer, I wanted to learn everything I could about the industry so I could promote her. I even worked for her agent in Dallas at different times and learned a lot about the talent agency process. Thank you, Ivett Stone, for showing me the ropes!

After Karmyn moved to LA, I stayed friends with a lot of the industry people in Dallas and one casting director friend called me about being an extra in a new pilot Jerry Bruckheimer was filming in Dallas. She said, "This will be one you would love to see being filmed and being an extra, you can see it up close and personal and get paid. Sounded good to me.

A few years before, I would have said no. I remember the first time Karmyn was on the set of Walker, Texas Ranger, I went with her. I was hanging out in the holding room with all the extras while Karmyn was on set and the casting director came in and said, "Would you let us use your car in a scene? We will pay you." Well, I had visions of Dukes of Hazzard car scenes and Odis had just bought me a new car. I said, "No, if my car gets a scratch on it, my husband will kill me." She promised that would not happen and asked me three additional times, but I kept saying no. I also didn't want to be an extra because cameras have a tendency to make you look larger than you are and I was already fatter than I wanted to be and sure didn't want my bod plastered on some TV screen. As I learned more about the business, I found out, you do not see extras. They usually are blurred and you never know who they are. So now, with that knowledge, I told my friend, "Sure."

I got up early that morning and drove to Dallas for an early morning call time. We did the scene in the West End. I was a vendor and when they discovered there was a bomb in the marketplace; they rushed all of us out. Jesse Metcalfe, a cutie patooty, was a star for the pilot. They placed me in a scene where he had to move me along to get me out of danger and he said, "Mam, you must hurry," and touched my arm to help me go faster. There were 3 or 4 young girls who had oohed and ahhed over him and said, "No fair. Why do you get to be the one he touches?" I laughed and said, "Old age has its perks." The director knew I would stay "in character," an industry term I had learned, and not have a meltdown being close to him.

After they finished filming the scene came the big blow-up. Jerry Bruckheimer paid 4 of us extras 3 hours overtime so we could watch the pyrotechnics of blowing up the scene. It was amazing. It looked like they blew it to smithereens, but when the smoke cleared, it had thrown only a few apples and oranges on the dirt floor. In my next life, I want to be on the crew for these kinds of movies. It was fun and the experience of a lifetime. That is the extent of my short-lived movie career, and now you know the rest of the story! lol

Copyright ©2020 Suzie Tyler

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Age Old Question!!


I just talked with a young single girl in her twenties. She started dating at sixteen and would like to have a committed dating Christian relationship. She said guys don't want that. They just want to jump in bed with you. I told her that a young man who only wants that doesn't respect her or God's Word. My mother always said, why would you buy the cow when you can get the milk free. There is a lot of truth in that statement!

I pointed out also that he would distrust her for the duration of the relationship because he would think if she did it with him, she would do it with someone else and there would always be a trust issue.

It's an old cliche but, if he loves you, he will wait until marriage.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

AGAINST ALL ODDS We Found The Perfect Love Book to the Publisher

Well, I feel like I have birthed a 5-year baby.  Not sure how to feel.

Because of the coronavirus, the publisher I engaged in 2019, went under because of the Pandemic.  It was discouraging at first but I felt like I had a story to tell and kept plugging.  

I have completed the first book which is a 13-hour read. Included will be pictures and detailed stories of our 7-month reconnection that resulted in a second proposal with a storybook wedding and honeymoon. I will take a few weeks off and finish the second book, Perfect Love Beat The Odds.

In the meantime, I wrote what I call a Cliff Notes for the book and published it on It will give you a birdseye view of the novel to come in August. It will be a quick read of the journey of our meeting, separation, and reconnection fifteen years later when we were 450 miles apart.

The name of it is My Love Story In A Nutshell and available as an ebook for 1.75 and a printed version is 4.00.