Thursday, May 5, 2022

An Electronic Generation (ALT Blog for April)

My age group became the first to be "entertained" by electronics. We became mesmerized by the development of the black-and-white TV, but were not yet addicted! We still used natural means for fun activities, played outside, and created ways to have a good time!

Today, that is unheard of! Cell phones dominate our family life, our conversations, and our entertainment! Even our bill paying and banking can be accomplished on a phone app.

When you walk into a restaurant, you think… Oh, good. People are praying before their meal.

No! They are looking at text messages, playing games, or searching google.

I recently wrote a book on growing up in the fifties. It made me reflect on the life I left behind. Neighbors trusted each other, and no one locked their doors at night. Mothers in the community looked out for the neighborhood children. I knew if I acted up away from my mom, someone would report it to her before arriving home, and I did not want to feel her wrath!!

In our 60s and beyond, we older folks have entered a social media world unknown during our growing-up years. Some of us have adapted to some extent, while others have refused to learn. I am just now getting technically savvy about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but lost with TikTok. Now I'm being introduced to words like Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Holograms, and Crypto Coins.

When I was young, I tended to think, 'ignore it, and it will go away.' Sadly, that does not work. At some point, you must face facts and deal with reality. Unfortunately, some of these changes are not for the betterment of our children.

A Metaverse World, simply put, is a 3D virtual reality world focused on the social connection where users can interact and experience things they would in the real world but with no accountability.

I really can't blame them. The world as we know it gets more complicated and unstable every day, and I'm ready to be transported to a place where I can experience peace and tranquility.

No matter how you slice it, a make-believe virtual world with Artificial Intelligence and no consequences will not be authentic life.

There is a spirit of selfishness in the real world today, and people no longer have a compassionate heart! We don't love others or God more than we love ourselves.

Guilty! I'm the first to raise my hand! There's an old saying: charity begins at home, and so changes! If we don't like our current society's behavior, we only need to look at numero uno! I can't change you, but I can change myself. We need a life values overhaul.

When was the last time you did a good deed anonymously?… Well, that's too long! 

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Message of Love

If you love somebody, what you long for more than anything else is being near them, holding each other, and spending time together as you express your love and adoration in person. 

After losing contact for fifteen years, Odis and I reestablished our relationship but had to spend the next four months 450 miles apart. 

His letters were a joy, and having photos of each other was heartwarming and a comfort, but nothing compared to the few hours we spent in each other’s presence.

In 1973, there were no emails, text messages, FaceTime, or Zoom calls, so letters or long-distance phone calls were our only way to communicate. 

While they were nice, they were expensive, and we made our conversation quality time! 

Still, nothing compared to actually being together, holding and loving each other in person, and we treasured those moments. 

Genuine love is not boastful, self-seeking, does not think too highly of themselves, but loves with an attitude of being a servant. 

That’s how God loves us. 

As we celebrate the resurrection day of our Savior Jesus Christ, cultivate a Jesus Love your mate, family, and friends!

Spend time in the Presence of God.

Happy Resurrection Day! 

God is Love!

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Blog on Grief

 What is Grief? (ALT Magazine Blog for March)


Grief has no map.

It is a journey of love, searching for a place to go.

There is no table of contents or path to follow. Only you can walk it, but you’re not alone, and God’s Love gives Grace.

Each person reacts differently, and your response follows your personality. It’s personalized, and no one can direct you. You walk it with your faith in a God who loves you.

Tears may come at the most inopportune time, but they are healing, so I coined the phrase, “Liquid Love.”

Whether you have time to say goodbye or your loved one’s departure from this life was without warning, you are never prepared to handle life without your spouse, child, or loved one.

Knowing they are now with God is comforting, but it doesn’t fill your empty arms or the pain of a broken earthly heart while living a life without them.

Even though they try, your friends have no words that bring comfort because nothing makes sense of the situation.

No words can describe the emptiness, but the love that remains is the sustaining force to deal with the pain of the absence.

I often say a loss thru death and divorce are similar. One departure has wonderful memories, and the other has bad ones, but the important thing is to keep moving forward with God and trust His plan.

I encourage those who experience grief to write down their thoughts. Even for your eyes only, recalling your feelings helps ease the pain and allows the memories to begin.

Go at your own pace, and no matter how weird it may seem, do it your way.


What Is Love?

 What Is Love? (February ALT Magazine Blog)

When I was twelve years old, my grandmother and I visited her sisters, Georgia and Susie, in Louisiana. As my cousin Mildred and I discussed boys, they gave us their dating advice. Aunt Susie said they never would let a guy court them unless he had a good-looking horse and buggy. We tried not to laugh because she was serious.

I had never heard the word courting before, and being the curious one, I asked what that meant. Aunt Susie said it was being involved with someone romantically for the purpose of marriage. She further explained, “A boy doesn’t treat a girl he wants to court for marriage like he does someone he only wants to date. He makes her feel special with worshipful, devoted Love and a desire to protect her!”

Since then, I’ve learned there are two kinds of Love, Surface Love and Unconditional Love!

Surface Love is a relationship without commitment, with no strings attached. This person is self-seeking, will only love as long as things go their way, and will leave at the drop of a hat.

Unconditional Love is a relationship of devotion and compassion, with a yearning to protect someone you love. It is a lifetime commitment with a person who loves you more than they love themselves.

Everyone wants to feel unique and adored. True Love allows that to happen. This type of Love is the same for each individual, but they experience it differently.

If you have found someone who loves you with that passion, hug them a little tighter, and kiss them a little longer.

February 14 is Valentine’s day and a time to show Love to your sweetheart, which is an endearing term to call someone you care for deeply.

If you are still single, look for a godly person and pray about your choice! Recognize the real thing and when you find true Love, make sure it is reciprocated. This Valentine’s Day, I want to encourage you to trust God to bring that special sweetheart into your life. You don’t have to settle for second best, or those dreams of Love may become a nightmare! If you have not found them yet, use this day to love YOU.

Have a happy day of Love!

Heart Blog

 A few days ago, I had a new experience, and at first, it was a little overwhelming. 

There is a backstory to this blog. Several years ago, after Odis had a carotid sonogram, I began thinking about it and asked my doctor if I should have one. She said it was covered by my insurance and scheduled an appointment at the imaging center. It was a crazy experience. After completing the test, the technician asked me if I had any problems and why I wanted to have the test done. I explained it to her, and she kept going outside the room and coming back. She finally told me she could not give me much information, but I had a blockage, and I could not be released until she talked with my doctor. It was 5:00 pm on a Friday afternoon, and my doctor had left for the weekend. After reaching the doctor on call, he told her to have me go home and take 320 MG of chewable aspirin and contact my doctor first thing on Monday morning. The bottom line was I had 95% blockage in my left carotid that required immediate bypass surgery. I realized testing was important, so when my regular cardiologist decided to semi-retire and was no longer doing procedures, I checked out Arkansas Heart Hospital Clinic in Little Rock. I decided on Dr. Ribeiro, one of their cardiologists. 

I had no swelling or pain except in the muscle of my right and left upper arm. I take high blood pressure and high cholesterol medication, but I had a gut feeling that I needed to get my heart checked out if they could find one.

My first visit was at their clinic in Hope. His tests showed an abnormality in my EKG,  PET scans, and echogram, and he scheduled an angiogram in the Little Rock Clinic. That test showed a major blockage in the major artery to the back of my heart, the one they call a widow maker, and immediately scheduled me for surgery to put in a stent! They are done all the time successfully, just not on me!! It took some time to process the news, and it was a little overwhelming. No, a lot!

They did find a heart, and it is strong and pumping at 68%, which is good. However, the heart cannot pump blood through the primary artery that is severely blocked. 

I knew it was serious when the nurse told me to take off my jewelry, contacts, and false eyelashes! I tried to back out, but Diane wouldn't let me! Since she is my legal, decision-making, medical person, she was not ready to pull my plug,  so I've got to stay around a little longer to drive her and Karmyn crazy. 

I knew I was in good hands when Dr. Riberio came in and said, "I will do my best and let God do the rest." I remind God every day that my doctor did his best, and now it is up to Him.

I was awake and watched all of it on the monitor, and it was very educational!  

Afterward the procedure, the doctor told Diane that it was severely blocked, and it was good he got to it when he did.

The Ark Heart Hospital staff is outstanding! I told them I was a VIP, and they believed me and gave me excellent care!

The blockage occurred because of all my bad eating habits through the years, so I am being a good girl now and following a heart-healthy diet. That means no sweet tea or Dr. Peppers, my go-to drink. I'm changing it to a glass of red wine every night before bedtime.

PS I already lost 8 pounds. Maybe I can again model a swimsuit. lol


Sunday, January 2, 2022

What is True Holiness

When I was growing up, I thought holiness was a woman who wore long dresses and had her hair put in a ball on the top of her head. While this is not a criticism of that type of attire, it is not salvation and certainly not holiness. I just read a good definition of what true holiness is:

True 'holiness' is when you leave every person more alive than when you found them.

We are beginning a new year and turning over a new leaf. Your slate is clean, so write positive, uplifting things and make God proud.

I pray that everything I do is pleasing to God. It's time to separate ourselves from sin and get in right fellowship with God. We need to catch the vision Jacob saw at Bethel and return there.

Have a wonderful year!!

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Happy New Year 2022

 What can we expect in the new year of 2022?

Will a cure be found for Covid and the variants or will we have more of the same during this new year? Will mandates, vaccine requirements, and masks continue to be the rule of the day?

Only God knows the answer to that!!

If, as some have believed, this is political, then it will end in mid-April or May and by July or August, just before the mid-term elections, we will have another stimulus, probably $600.00.

If it is purely a process of life and the virus just appeared, it will probably continue. It sure is making the Pharmaceutical companies, mainly Pfizer and Moderna, wealthier.

Now, it seems more and more people who have been vaccinated are coming down with the virus and some have died, so it makes you wonder?? What's up with that?? Both sides have their own opinion, but that is for another day of discussion.

Regardless, I will probably always wear a mask to Wal-Mart from now until eternity. It just seems like a safer way to exist if I want to shop there. I will continue to take Vitamins D3, C, Zinc, and Quercetin or some good immunity enhancer since I don't eat correctly and even if I did, the vitamins and minerals aren't in food like it was when my parents raised their own.

Stay safe and enjoy the new year of 2022!

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Who Am I

 ALT Magazine Blog for December


If you were to ask someone, “Who is Suzie Tyler?” Their first thought would be bling and shoes! But… There is another side of me… the music side!

I learned to play a musical instrument when I was ten and played an accordion or piano in a church service at age 12. I heard tones in my head and matched them to the sounds coming from the keyboard. I had no idea where B flat was on a piece of music or the keyboard, but I knew the three chords used to play a hymn in the key of B flat.

If you hummed it, I would play it! My parents didn’t realize the importance of lessons because I could play anything I heard!

I also was a curious child. It was not enough to hear and play it. I wanted to know the structure of what I was playing! I didn’t realize it was the theory of music!

I’m sure I made a nuisance of myself asking questions of every good pianist I heard! I watched and asked why and how they knew what to play!

Probably the turning point was when our choir director in Conroe wanted the choir to do a cantata for Easter! But, I couldn’t read music, so I went to my daughter’s piano teacher and thought she could teach me in a few weeks!


After telling me she didn’t teach adults, especially those who played by ear, she reluctantly agreed to teach me the basics, and I would have to apply myself to learn the rest!

I was determined and literally said Every Good Boy Does Fine and wrote out above the notes for each vocal part and memorized the music.

The accompaniment was written in chords, so I figured out the name of each one and wrote it above the cluster of notes then memorized them!

I had an LP recording of the cantata and played it repeatedly and matched the sounds with the notes and chords, and I was home free!

At the end of the presentation night, I felt accomplished, but the knowledge I gained was priceless! Sometimes I still hear John Peterson’s No Greater Love playing in my head!

With determination and perseverance, you can conquer anything!

Check out my blog post online. I will give you an inside look at my travels in the Houston area and my experiences playing for various groups and soloists in Texarkana!

No snake stories, but some were pretty amazing!


Monday, December 6, 2021

Are Musicians Temperamental?

I hear this all the time: “Musicians are moody and hard to get along with!”

No, we are creative, and that makes us special!

My music experience started as a nine-year-old when I would crawl through the window of my church to play my heart out on the piano!

In my fantasy world, I imagined angels taking my amplified sounds and piping the music to nearby hobo jungle to make their hearts happy!

I was tiny. Some would say skinny, so my dad bought me a small 12 base accordion. I was limited to the keys I could play.

He purchased a 72 base white accordion as a surprise. It was not too big and fit my small body frame, but allowed me to play in almost any key.

When I moved to Conroe, I played for a boys trio, and we traveled to churches in the Houston area to sing for special events and revivals. It required many hours of personal practice time to play the music and time with them to learn their parts!

There was a period in the ’60s when the snake-handling movement was popular in some churches! You remember the scripture in Mark 16:18, They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; (KJV)

Well, I informed the guys they best not book us to sing at one of those religious establishments, or they would be singing Church of Christ style!

Their pianist would be finding the nearest exit!

 When Coleman McDuff of the McDuff Trio in Houston, Texas, asked me to play for a revival Wednesday through Sunday in Huntsville, Texas, I said yes.

He talked with me on Friday night and said Connie Smith appeared at the Huntsville rodeo on Sunday and was a friend of his. She had agreed to come on the final night, to sing and give her testimony. He then handed me a probable list of her songs!

I had no idea who she was! When I found out she was a big country music star, I about flipped out, but she was down-to-earth and a sweet Christian lady!

Fast forward to Texarkana! I was playing for a friend who led praise and worship for ladies’ groups, and many of the meetings were in hotels that did not take proper care of their pianos!

During one meeting she scheduled, I walked into the room to check out the instrument. I said, “Marejohn, several black keys are missing on the piano!” We muddled thru, but after that night, we got an electric keyboard to take to the meetings!

Odis knew I loved playing the piano when we married and had previously played for gospel groups.

We had just come in from picking blueberries and were preparing them for the freezer when I got a phone call. The stranger on the other end of the line said they had a gospel men’s group with an engagement for Sunday night, and their pianist had to work. My name had been given to them as a possibility to fill in for them. I looked at Odis, and he said, “Go! I’ll finish these!”

After I accepted, my suspicious mind kicked in, and I said, “What if they attack me and kill me?”

He said, “You’ll be fine! I’ll pray for you!”

I’m so glad I had a praying husband. They liked my style and asked me to play for them permanently.

I’ve had a great time playing and ministering in music! It was never hard work, and I’ve often felt it was a small part compared to the Gideon’s giving out bibles, a teacher of a Sunday School class, or preaching, but Odis reminded me how important the musicians of the Old Testament were!

I pray my music has been a blessing of ministry to the people I’ve played for in revivals, women’s retreats, and meetings!

It has been a great ride for me!

Are you a “Procrastinator?”

ALT Magazine Blog for November


In a few short weeks, we will celebrate important events like my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

THEN the ball will drop in the big apple, and 2022 will come bursting on the scene.

My rule for the new year: ... No discussion of 2021. I, for one, am ready to put this year in the history books, never to be remembered again!!

But, what comes next? Taxes! I don’t think we have had the sweeping tax changes the politicians promised, but then there’s an entire new year to “git it done!”… Maybe

For those procrastinators who just filed their taxes in October, it will be a new opportunity to do it early for a change.

Of course, I’m so old that I remember preparing taxes without an automatic extension giving you an extra six months to complete your 1040.

Back in the “dark ages,” before the internet, TurboTax, and E-file, you prepared your taxes by hand. We then typed the completed numbers on the IRS forms with an IBM Selectric typewriter, but we did have self-correcting tape! There were only requested extensions with a darn good reason, and you worked around the clock for several weeks before April 15th and just got it done or else!!! Oh, how I remember those late rushing trips to the post office to meet the deadline!

In those rare instances when you couldn’t complete it, you requested an extension, and even if IRS turned it down, it gave you a few weeks to fudge!!

How things have changed! Now, with an automatic extension, procrastinators can wait til October 15th, but,   Who does that??!!

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Happy Birthday to me and Happy Turkey Day to you!

Tuesday, November 2, 2021


A friend was having a difficult time forgiving people in her past who had wronged her. Boy, could I identify. I could write a book! Wait, I am ... lol.

After recalling the history of my life for the last several years while writing my book, I know how painful the past can be.

I told her the best thing was to ask God to help her, and she may have to forgive them over and over, but eventually, she would get there!

Forgiving is a lot like grief. There is no map or special formula. It takes time to work thru it, but faith in God will help.

Perhaps the most difficult to achieve is forgiving yourself that you allowed someone to hurt you. Odis used to tell me a lot, “Suzie, while you are forgiving others, don’t forget to forgive yourself.”

Even after the forgiveness is determined in your heart, you may resent what was done to you.

Understanding forgiveness is important. You are not saying you weren’t hurt. It happened. Even when you still remember, accept that you cannot change the past and, in time, the hurt will fade.

Remember, not forgiving hurts you, not them.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Why Read??

 Reading opens up a world of travel, knowledge, and entertainment.

I never liked to read, but was determined to encourage my children to read. I gave both my daughters cloth books when they were barely old enough to sit alone! It worked! One is in her 40s and the other in her 50s and they read two or three books a week! I encourage new mothers to use this tool!

Everyone has a book inside them! Whether or not it is ever published, just do it! It’s easy to self-publish! The hard part is research! It has taken me 6 years and I’m still working on my autobiography, but it has given me a new respect for writers! Now when I walk into a bookstore, I don’t see books; I see the hours of research, writing, and editing that the authors spent on those books!!

October ALT Magazine Blog


It’s Fall, and That Spells H A L L O W E E N!

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Halloween and when it began? 

H a l l o w e e n first came to the United States in the 1840s but observing Halloween dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.

There are as many theories on the observance of Halloween as there are stars in the sky! Some believe it’s witchcraft, while others say it is harmless fun! Schools plan fall festivals with cakewalks and games, while churches schedule Trunk or Treat activities and ask children to dress as bible characters!

I remember my mother telling me the story of their first Halloween experience. They lived far in the backwoods of Fouke, Arkansas, where the closest neighbor lived 20 miles away! It was too far to walk, so they did not observe the tradition in a country setting.

When they moved to town in the Summer of 1942, mom was pregnant with me! She said on October 31st, kids showed up dressed as ghosts and goblins in sheets and homemade costumes and masks! The kids said “trick or treat” so fast, she could not understand what they were saying!

The next year they were better informed and prepared. No Walmart stores were available to purchase bags of candy, so most neighbors made candy apples and popcorn balls for the trick or treaters.

I’m not sure when the first act of maliciousness occurred, but in 1966 a guy in Houston put double-sided razor blades in apples, and several children were badly injured! We had just moved to Conroe, and I was fearful for Diane, my three-year-old daughter, to take part and drove all over town, taking her to friends’ homes to “trick or treat.”

Years later, Odis, as a Gideon, purchased new testaments to give with the candy. One little guy got so excited, placed it across his heart, and said, “I’ve never had my own bible before.” It overwhelmed me. I take all my bibles in different translations for granted, and this young lad was excited to get a new testament. The next year, he came and brought a friend and asked if he could have a bible. We promptly provided him one.

No matter how you decide to celebrate this night, be responsible and stay safe. If you do “trick or treat,” be selective where you take your children and carefully check their bags of candy!

It’s not the ghosts and goblins you have to watch out for, but people who use it as an opportunity for wickedness! 

Teach your children about the genuine spirit of a living God!

 AND BTW, parents, don’t eat all the kiddo’s candy.